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The process

Video Production Specialist

Highly experienced video production, editing and visual effects.

I have developed a workflow that is non-destructible so it is easy to change elements and also make versions with different pictures or sound. Non-destructible always reference back to the raw file meaning you are always working with the high quality picture that had come from the camera lens.

Here is the basic workflow and some information. about how I work

Stage 1

We start the process with Pre-production which involves all of the planning aspects before filming begins. This includes scriptwriting, scheduling, logistics, and other administrative duties.

Stage 2

Next come the capturing stage where we film all the shots we need, working off a filming script of storyboard, record any location audio and interviews, take references or any relevant media from location. All filming is done using Blackmagic pocket 4k cameras

Stage 3

All editing is done on DaVinci Resolve Studio. The new version 18 offers an even faster way to get from hard drive to the media hub to get to the editing stage even quicker

All my cameras record in a format called Braw which is a raw video format. This allows more information information from the camera to be adjusted in post as well as maintaining a bigger picture dynamic range. I use these files to edit so I have lots of control in editing as well as maintaining beautiful pictures. I also perform all colour grading in DaVinci Resolve

Stage 4

Visual effects are all taken care of in Autodesk Flame. Flame allows advanced user built effects, tracking objects, graphic and logo design as well as any other advanced video requirement. If flame cannot do it, it cant be done.

an example of day to night in flame

Stage 5

The last stage is audio mixing, I do a basic mix from the editing suite but also farm out to a local sound engineer for more complicated mixes and fine tuning.

All finished edits are send through a private link for approval