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advertising docos vfx filming drone editing colour grade events & weddings


I use Blackmagic Designs Pocket 4k cameras my main ground camera work. These cameras shoot raw files which provide full range of contrast and colours which allow more flexibility in post production. These cameras can be used on tripod, steady cam or handheld. I only use SLR Magic’s Hyperprime cine lens range which provide stunning results

The rode wireless GO 2 range offer wireless audio connection directly into the Zoom H8 12 track audio recorder. The receiver can also be camera mounted for a simpler 2 mic interview setup.

I try to have a solution for every scenario so the magic mini 2 is a good solution for unpredicted flights or tricky situations. The GoPro 9 offers matching UHD 50fps recording and Advanced stabilization from HyperSmooth 3.0. This camera has survived IRB rescue boat usage. DJI Ronin RSC2 is perfect for stabilising the Blackmagic cameras and is compact and lightweight

Post Production

DaVinci Resolve studio is an all in one app that combines editing with colour correction and audio mixing. After a long career in editing and using every configuration known, Resolve is my go to app. The latest version have even more modules to speed up the media to delivery process

When it comes to visual effects and design the most advanced and still the best app, designed by operators is of course Autodesk’s Flame. I use Flame on Mac for the trickiest vfx shots, plate cleanup and of course logo and design work. Flame is run on tap on Mac.